Tier Benefits
Blue Belt
$25 or more per month 3 of 100 patrons
This is where we kick it up a notch!


  • Access to a monthly 30min. Q&A video. You can ask questions for me to answer in these videos. 
  • Access to the full 30min. Q&A video library.  
  • As long as you're supporting me at this level, you'll receive an electronic version of every new book I publish. 
  • If you are at this level for at least two months,  you also receive a paper version of every new book I bring out.
  • Your name in the acknowledgement section of those new books. 
  • You can suggest topics for videos, blog posts and articles. 
  • Plus all previous rewards 
Black Belt
$125 or more per month 1 of 3 patrons
You become a member of my Advisory board:
  • Access to a  monthly, one-hour, private video conference call. Just you and me.
  • I share my work-in-progress with you, both my writing and videos. You can give input and feedback before the final version is published. 
  • Plus all previous rewards  
The Benefactor
$500 or more per month 0 patrons
I debated for a long time before I added this reward tier. I learned of it via other creators on Patreon and apparently, there is demand for this kind of set-up.

I obviously don't expect anyone to  support my work on a continuing basis for such a large amount. If it does happen, I will be flabbergasted, speechless and humbled all at once. 

The way I view this instead is as a one-time contribution from someone who likes my work and wants to help out big-time, just once: sign up at this level and then sign off one month later. 

Again, I don't expect this to happen at all. If it does, that would blow my mind. 

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