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As we look for new potential guests to interview, we tend to be attracted to those with multiple countries visited, overland travelers who highlight local foods, local people and their experiences. Not necessarily that perfectly beautiful social media page, rather those that share the great parts of overland travel alongside the challenging parts, or even the regular day to day life of an overlander. Michel and Renée of @Overlanding_the_World exemplify all of these characteristics, so you can imagine our excitement when they agreed to an interview.

An Amsterdam couple who decided an overlanding trip around the world was a much better idea than buying a house (we totally agree!). This a fun interview loaded with great information, tip and stories from the road. Michel & Renée also agreed to dive deeper on overlanding safety, and why they choose to visit countries like Iran and Pakistan. It’s an eye opening conversation as we try to better understand why so many overlanders are still visiting countries with such political turmoil. 

Of course we also discussed all our normal topics and enjoyed their stories from all their overlanding experiences as they follow the sun around the world. Be sure to follow them on social media for their firsthand accounts of each country they visit. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overlandingtheworld

Vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser - 75 Series 

Most Valuable: Solar Panels - two 85 watt panels & Bull Bar

Top Destinations: Tajikistan, Northern Pakistan and Georgia 

Favorite Meal: anything with pasta :) Spaghetti - made lots of tuna spaghetti with local ingredients.

Fridge: Waeco (Dometic) 40 litter 

Fuel Capacity: 260 liters (68.68 gl.) of diesel 1,500 kilometers (932 miles)

Water Capacity: 100 liters (26.41 gl.)

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