Building my new forest cabin studio thanks to you!

So yesss, here we go. You and I that is! Our Patreon adventure has started!  

Here you see me in my studio in the Netherlands having fun  figuring out if the whole line will fit the length of my arms.

So Patreon... what will I use you donation for?

Although I have a beautiful studio in Arnhem, my dream studio is the little cabin I bought three years ago; a small green gem, snugly hidden amidst the German woods.

This wonderful little 'room without a roof' is an inspiring place where I can withdraw from everyday life and thus focus on my drawings and artistic thoughts.

But ... this little off-grid cabin can still use some constructional love ...

Your support will provide for new flooring, better windows ( light, light! ), running water,  to mention a few, enabling me to wander, wonder and to make more works of art.