The Infamous Bohemian Grove: A New Donation to the Morbid Anatomy Library

Below is a guest post by our friend Anthony Marinese about a new fabulous artifact he just donated to the Morbid Anatomy Library: a map from infamous Bohemian Grove, which Jon Ronson describes in a recent Patreon Post as that "secretive elitist summer camp in the forests of Northern California where the ruling elite have long been rumored to hold mock human sacrifices."

Anthony explains how this document entered his collection:

I am from northern California, born and raised. I grew up hearing stories of the "Illuminati" meeting in Mt Shasta, and also at a mysterious forest compound called bohemian grove.  
In 2014 I had a girlfriend who was attending the culinary academy at San Francisco city college. Her head professor was in charge also of finding the help to work at the grove, and offered her a job in the kitchen working events. She told me that she always came in through a side door, never saw much, and really wasn't allowed to leave the kitchen. Not only was it a secret place, it was on most nights a boys club. No girls allowed. 
One night, she happened out of the kitchen for something, and saw a richly decorated room full of "millionaires" as she put it, and it was all leather chairs, pool tables, cigars, snifter glasses, roaring fire, etc. Basically exactly what you'd expect to see in a secret, super rich, old money, white guy club. Unfortunately she didn't see any sacrifices, pagan rituals, or sex parties.  
She did however see a map laying on a small table. She stole it, and brought it home as a souvenir for me.

Above are a variety of images; the first are from an album of 54 photographic prints of Bohemian Grove activities, from around 1900. Most of the prints are identified as the work of Gabriel Moulin. In them, you can see groups of people and theatrical productions at The Grove. The individuals pictured include Porter Garnett, Xavier Martinez, H. Morse Stephens, George Sterling, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, and G. Coutts. You can find everything on the UC Library.  

The second batch of images are photos of the (sadly prosaic) map. You'll be able to visit it in person next season at the Morbid Anatomy Library.

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