Give your input, vote on our upcoming topics!

Each weekend, I look ahead and decide on what topics I'm going to dive into on future episodes. Now is your chance to chime in on that decision-making process and suggest new topics for future consideration!

The winners from the poll last week were "Let’s look at what we can dig up on elite conservatives rising to power (Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Kavanaugh, Mike Pompeo, The Family, etc.)" (in the works) and "Understanding the Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and Beijing's response" (nearly published).

We have 6 topics this week, so please take a moment to read through all the options and vote for your top 2 choices and please keep making great topic suggestions in the comments below!

State of the Unions: The labor movement (GM strike, Teachers strikes, Amazon climate strike, etc.)


Climate Strike Movement: Greta Thunberg comes to North America to yell at everyone


The Results of Neoliberalism: Protests in Chile, Lebanon, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, etc.


Whistleblowers & Whistleblower Protections: Beyond the Trump Ukraine Whistleblower


Medicare for All Debate: Winning the Talking Points War (Sanders v. Warren, how to pay for it options, how to talk about it, etc.)


Indigenous Resurgence: California apology to indigenous communities, Cherokee Nation sending 1st delegate to Congress, Oklahoma land case

Poll ended Oct 28, 2019
128 votes total

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