Bonus Episode: Nutrition & Nootropics with Zach Nasr & Matt Dorsey

This is an episode to listen to twice, or even three times…positively BURSTING with useful health information. I recorded this way back in 2017 and have been on the fence about what to do with it, because the sound quality is just awful, but the content is so important and potentially even life-changing.  

AND — update! — we have a transcript graciously provided by Future Fossils patron Andrew Wait!  See attached.

Zach & Matt are two of the people I'd be happiest to trust with my health and well-being, and I hope their insights serve you well!  Share far and wide...



We Discuss:

Wounded healers

Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Epigenomics

What excites Zach right now: Exogenous Ketone Monoesters

Intracellular microbial infection theory of cancer

Medical systems science, East & West


Nutrient absorption problems and solutions

Relationship between the heart and the gut

NMDA antagonists

The stigma of self-medication

The healing crisis

Nootropics vs. stimulants, and which nootropics work to calm you while increasing productivity

Nutritive & non-nutritive nootropics

Tier Benefits
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