MVOL's Table of Contents
I've talked about my plans for MVOL's future before on my blog, but I decided it was about time to present the game as something a little easier to understand quickly. This is roughly how I visualize the game's progress and future, although some things are left ambiguous to avoid giving away too much, haha.

If you take a look, you'll see the game, as it's planned out, is split into two Acts. I expect each to have roughly the same amount of content, just presented in very different fashions.

Act I starts with creating your character, then exploring the basic options of the game and feeling out your relationship with Lith, figuring out what you want to do with him, and concludes with you giving him a collar to declare the nature of your relationship with him. This decision will determine how you experience almost all the content in Act II.

After a brief pause, Act II will open with the discovery of the doors. Act II is much more linear, and rather than choosing actions on whimsy, you will mainly follow an involved story in which you explore Lith's feelings and the strange powers the void can offer. Critical choices will be given to you, to guide the story and see how differently things can unfold depending on a single moment's decision. Throughout Act II there will be many possible endings, of one sort or another. Some may be considered "good" or "bad," but I see them simply as a wide range of possibilities for how the game can end.

As you can see, Act II's linear story will be mainly composed of three Parts, of which the Stone Door is the first. Every path will go through all three Parts, although the collar you've chosen will profoundly change the experience you have, even in similar situations. Your decisions will also change how things play out, although decisions you made in a previous Part will not have a great deal of influence on later Parts beyond navigating you around the various endings so you can reach them.

Lastly, the Wooden Door is intended as a sort of "side content" offering. It will be available throughout Act II, and change slightly over time, but I intend to expand it primarily as a sort of restful distraction from the heavier content we see in the main storyline.

So, it's obvious at a glance that we're more than halfway through the development of MVOL, or at least, its main storyline. I still have a lot of side content to add to expand the existing game, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of Where We Are. I intend to create a "zoomed in" portion later to give you a better idea of what's going on in the Stone Door, so that I can better talk about what's done and what's being added, as it can get a little labyrinthine for just describing in words, haha.

I hope you guys find this interesting and informative! Thanks again for your support, everyone!

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