Give your input, vote on our upcoming topics!

Each weekend, I look ahead and decide on what topics I'm going to dive into on future episodes. Now is your chance to chime in on that decision-making process and suggest new topics for future consideration!

The winners from the poll last week were "The Results of Neoliberalism: Protests in Chile, Lebanon, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, etc." (in the works) and "Medicare for All Debate: Winning the Talking Points War (Sanders v. Warren, how to pay for it options, how to talk about it, etc.)" (nearly published).

We have 6 topics this week, so please take a moment to read through all the options and vote for your top 2 choices and please keep making great topic suggestions in the comments below!

State of the Unions: The labor movement, GM strike, Amazon climate strike, Chicago teachers strike, etc.


Indigenous Resurgence: California apology to indigenous communities, Cherokee Nation sending 1st delegate to Congress, Oklahoma land case


White Supremacy Watch: Immigration Edition. The horrors of our immigration policies seen through the lens of white nationalism


“Dying of whiteness,” or “Racism: This is why we can’t have nice things.” How white resentment prevents govt policies that would help all


Discussing Big Democratic Donors: the corporate Dems desperate to avert a Sanders or Warren candidacy


Climate-change-fueled wild fires, extinction rebellion protests and Greta visits North America

Poll ended Nov 4, 2019
130 votes total

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