DD Editor and Player v.3.3.

UPDATE 12.31.2020: Find the newest version here: https://dynamicdungeons.com/editor_player/

Version 3.3. as a free upgrade is here and available now to download from the shared folder.

If you've lost the original download URL, find the "check for updates" button under the Editor's INFO menu and reach the installation folder from there, or contact me on [email protected] and I'll resend you the download link.
If you haven't already purchased the software, TRY or BUY IT NOW 

What's new in 3.3.?

- performance improvements
- horizontal (Ctrl/Cmd + H) and vertical (Ctrl/Cmd + V) flip for background videos and images
- background and prop search bars
- actual story title is shown in Editor
- audio props autoplay on load switch
- reworked installation process on Windows (installed to the Program Files folder)
- various convenience features and bug fixes.

Another major free update is coming in a few weeks. We'll say goodbye to Manager, you'll be able to edit and manage everything with Editor. Also, cool enhancement features will be implemented to adjust the colors and appearance of the props and videos. Custom splash screen for the Player window, multiple prop import, multi-prop selection, buttons instead of hotkeys, and much more will be introduced in the upcoming version. 

 Before the installation, please read through the known issues!

Download and unzip the archive file and run the installer (on Windows), install all three applications on Mac. (It’s recommended to choose the main disk as a destination.)

Known issues

  • Default assets download failure: We experienced random slow-downs during downloading or decompressing the default asset packs. If downloading or decompressing of a default pack stops, hit Retry, it will do the trick. You can redownload the assets under Config/Media. You can also get the files from here. If you want the assets to be visible in Editor's own browser, copy the assets to: userfolder/DynamicDungeons/editor (the backgrounds should be copied under the "backgrounds" subfolder, props and particle effects go to the "props" subfolder.) Of course, you can drag and drop assets into Editor from anywhere.
  • Too many assets in the resources folder can cause a memory overflow and ruin the thumbnail generation process. We'll fix it with the so-called UI virtualization which will be introduced in 3.3. If you have difficulties with the thumbnail generation, keep less content in the resources folder, use drag and drop from an external folder instead of the internal browser. 
  • Huge story matrix is still can be resource-demanding, and overloads your PC.
  • Mac: Editor, Player or Manager application is missing after installation: If you had a previous version of the app on your computer, it might have been overwritten with the new file and remained there. Search for the missing app (editor_dot_app or manager_dot_app or player_dot_app) and move it to the Applications folder or to Applications/DynamicDungeons folder if it exists. All three applications have to be in the same directory, but it doesn't matter where is this directory on your computer, you can even move them manually, but remember to keep them at the same place. 
  • Editor window is not resizable: We decided to temporarily remove the title bar of Editor to preserve the exact 16:9 aspect ratio, and get the exact same playback on Player, so you won't be able to resize the editor window now. At first, it may seem uncomfortable but unfortunately, it was necessary for normal operation at this phase. It's not set to be always on top, so the Windows button will normally bring up the start menu, the WIN + D key will diminish the app. On a Mac, F11 or Fn + F11, or Cmd + H does the same. Cmd / Alt + TAB switchers also work of course to bring your other apps to front. 
  • Windows app scaling:  If custom sizing percent was set for "Resize text, apps and other items" in Windows, 100% and 200% worked, but on 175% the app made a wrong .dd file, and Manager remained gray.  On higher percentage, the manager window may open out of the screen barely visible. In this case, you should decrease app scaling. If you have problems because of app scaling, use the same app resize percent for the primary and secondary display or lower the resolution or disable app scaling.
  • Video props: Using video props are still in an experimental phase, a limited number of videos can be dropped or imported to the scene now in "add" blending mode. It's a deliberate operation and will be useful when weather or various effects will be introduced later on.
  • 5k resolutions are not supported, use "lower" resolution settings.
    Study the HELP doc where you can read more details and find function keys and shortcuts. 

Can't find how to add props? 

  • Find the props folder starting from INFO in Editor. Click and open it!
  • Copy props (.png, .jpg, .animation, .particle) files into this folder (by default your props folder's location is: youruserfolder/DynamicDungeons/Editor/props)
  • Restart Editor 
  • Drag a background into a story position, click on it enter the scene editor window (gear icon)
  • Click on the torch icon, your props should be there, and the thumbnails are being processed, it may take minutes while thumbnails are generated, depending on how many props were copied there (You only need to wait for it once, not on every startup)
  • Once the thumbnails appear, you are ready to drag them into the scene. 

If you haven't already purchased the software, BUY IT NOW (Saving is disabled, Manager and Player are not available in the demo version.)

Tutorial video:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/dynamic-dungeons-33748271



- custom grid bug has been fixed 

- global prop switch bug has been fixed 

- default assets download failure has been fixed (retry will redownload if fails) 

- UNDO in scene editor 

- improved scene shadow settings, shadow presets / prop 

- improved prop scaling possibilities (X/Y and proportional) 

- prop and particle fx transparency setting (Alpha parameter) 

- prop and group naming 

- prop panel is bigger and a search bar has been implemented to filter the props of the scene 

- story autosaving and recovery 

- animation random frame start 

- various minor issues have been fixed


- Image editor save bug has been fixed 

- Assets and props alphabetical listing bug has been fixed 

- prop notes encoding bug has been fixed 

- the story options panel is now scrollable (lower buttons on low res displays were out of the screen) 

- various minor drag n drop issues, local/global prop, and saving/loading bugs have been fixed.  


 - Help tooltips appear when the user moves the mouse pointer over an element

- Scene title and notes

- State thumbnails for the scenes. (After returning to the story matrix, you'll see a refreshed thumbnail of the scene.)

- Take a screenshot button in the upper right corner of the scene editor. (It's a cool feature for building a background then freeze it and apply grid over the props.)

- Thumbnails for .animations in the browser and in the hierarchy panel

- imported or dragged props are automatically copied into the props/user folder

- seamless looping of videos in the scene editor, green bottom line bug fixed

- Hitting 'Esc' in scene and image editor now brings back to the story matrix view instead of exiting the application

- assets and props are listed in alphabetical order

- changes in Config take effect immediately

- selected props can be nudged with the arrow keys. Shift + arrow key, nudge it by 10 pixels.

- Lock/Unlock props in the hierarchy. If a prop is locked in the hierarchy it becomes unclickable, so you can drag other props that are behind it. 

- sound file indicator icons are no longer visible for players

- grid settings are saved and become default settings, size, shape, color, and opacity is remembered also for Player

- reworked structure of folders. The resources folder is called "backgrounds" now.

- grouped props displacement bug is fixed

- the applications have been notarized by Apple to be able to use it with the newest operating system. (Mac)


Grid is finally preserving it's scaling if the story is played back in different resolutions

- the first scene in the story will be set automatically as the starting point 

- moving a scene within the story matrix from a position to another will bring the props too

- default appearance and initial shadow of props can be set in the config menu for Editor and Manager. 

- "Play this story" and "Move window" buttons in Editor: You don't need to save and close and start the Manager anymore, but you can directly launch the story when you saved it. 

To preserve the position of props we could not let the title bar of the window come back, so a dragger was added instead.  Double click on it or anywhere on the Editor window will set the window's position to the default. 

- 90° clockwise / counterclockwise rotation hotkeys were added to the prop panel (will come handy when I release the modular dungeon elements)

- Save story: By hitting Cmd / Ctrl + S in the Manager will store the current state of your story remembering the fog of war settings and the position of the props of every scene. 

- .jpg props now are supported in the Scene Editor 

- Improved entity handling, reused texture data from the GPU: let us add more props and animations to a scene using fewer GPU resources. 

- special characters in the notes section of props no longer cause trouble, circle brush and grid masking works, and other various bugs were fixed


  • 1. Tree style vertical browser which supports subfolders
  • 2. Config menu A new menu point is available in Editor, called "Config". Under the first tab, which is the settings panel for Editor, besides some obvious settings, you can find the so-called "prop scale factor" line. Start experimenting with this to find the best scale for the imported or dropped props. It determines the initial scale (size) of a prop dropped to the scene. You'll find which scale setting fits best with your setup. Under the Manager tab, you can set the default level of transparency of the fog of war layer. 

  • 3. Prop panels: Instead of long-press, the prop panel now appears by clicking on a prop or by selecting it from the new hierarchy list.
  • 4. Reworked Browser: (Torch icon on the left) Reach the content of the prop folder. (username/DynamicDungeons/prop by default) Now it supports subfolders, thanks to the new tree view. 
  • 5. Traditional browser: (folder icon on the left) It lets you import images, .animation, .particle, mp3 and video files. (Video props are projected with "add" blending mode which will come handy for weather effects in later versions, and it's still in an experimental phase.) Drag and drop still work, of course. 
  • 6. Local / Global props: Local props appear only in the current scene. Global props, on the other hand, will appear in every scene of your story.
  • 7. Prop hierarchy panels: On the right, hierarchy panels are available, one for local props and one for global props (token icons on the left). You can select the props of the scene and group them, or adjust their position by dragging and moving a prop up or down in the hierarchy. 
  • 8. Sound props: Import an audio file using the browser, or simply drag and drop an mp3 to the scene. You can trigger the sound, or play it looped, set the volume and panning. 
  • 9. Default grid size: Once you set grid size, it will be saved as the default grid size (we are still working on the algorithm which will project the same size grids on the editor and player, even if they have different resolutions. Now it still needs to be adjusted manually, but it'll be solved in 3.2. such as we solved the different prop size issues in this release.)
  • Bug fixes Issues with the thumbnail generation are solved. The props now maintain their size and position.

What's new in Manager?

  • Shift + C covers the entire scene with FOW
  • Ctrl /Cmd + 1-6 set the size of the manager window 

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