[Giveaway] This Month's Featured Prize!
We have an assortment of stuff for this month's giveaway!!

- Country Ma'am Chocolate and Crushed Almond ice cream cookies. If you freeze them they taste like ice cream!

- Little Old Man blind box. We couldn't resist this. A little old man figurine that you can pair with everyday household objects! Who wouldn't want a tiny old companion?

- Toy Story masking tape by famous designer Shinzi Katoh. You can see a close up on the designer's site. Adorable.

- Neko Atsume keychain!! These have been sold out everywhere we go, but we finally managed to snag one. It includes a little plastic nib so you can plug it into the headphone jack for your mobile device if you don't have a spot to put the loop through.

The winner for this month's giveaway will be notified on September 4!

To help increase the quality of the prizes, be sure to spread the word about our lovely Patreon. Thanks again for another month of support!