It's official, censorship is here and I have been banned from posting multiple pictures on Facebook, I will use Patreon in alignment with my other social media for these multi-image exposés.

Sacha Stone is the head and owner of Humanitad, which manages New Earth and the ITNJ (International commission of Natural Justice), a gatekeeper organization funded by MI5 and supported by the crown and the Vatican who falsely pretends to stand with victims of human trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (intelligence collection agency, reprogramming and mind control are their true objectives). 

They have no jurisdiction and no intentions to help the victims in any way, except maybe some exposure of their stories. But as I proved and even Fiona Barnett verified, they tried to alter and screw with her story. The commission is also very suspect over its associations and the management of the public's donations.


SHAME ON THOSE DISCREDITING THE DOZENS OF VICTIMS coming to denounce Stone not only as a scammer and a thief but also as a sexual deviant with pedophile tendencies, a sociopath predator. AS A WOMAN ESPECIALLY,  YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR THE TOTAL LACK OF SORORITY (90% of those coming to defend Sacha are women). 

It doesn't shock me though, by superficially scanning their profiles I can see you they are part of the bloated New Age egocentric witch crew that Sacha spearheads as a false guru. If he wasn't going around scamming people pretending to be a banner-man for sexual abuse victims fighting human trafficking he would not be on my radar. AS A REAL advocate for abuse victims, I cannot allow such gibberish to keep happening on my watch. 

You people defending this conman have provoked one, and one thing ONLY. MY WRATH. I am now decided to go to the last consequences and I will publish everything I have, from people who lived with the man for years, unlike the trolls in question, boneheaded groupies who pretend to know someone from a few Luciferian gatherings. Robert's threats and further low blows by Sacha online certainly did not help, 

I did reach out to him first before publishing my first post regarding this scandal, he ignored the friendly conversation offer. Oh, and not to mention his death threats towards FOLLOWERS OF THIS PAGE simply for asking questions about my post, a crime far more serious than "libel".

After being threatened by CIA spook Robert David Steele over my notice I was exposing his ITNJ/MI6 bestie Sacha Stone DAMNING EVIDENCE showing he is employing nefarious criminals like Defango (Manuel Chavez III) to dox & attack people online has been sent to me. If you recall, Defango recently made a 1hr hit piece against me, and then he went after Tiffany Fitzhenry; they want to silence THE REAL THREATS against the establishment. He even goes after SRA survivors like Becki Perci and Fiona Barnett  (he published a piece on here yesterday and the low IQ hamburger flipper can't even spell it right). 

THIS PROVES BEYOND ANY DOUBT Robert and Sacha are PRO establishment, GATEKEEPERS. I think this pretty much seals the deal on Robert being associated with Gabe Hoffman as well and probably even involved in what happened to Issac Kappy and what they tried to pull with Fiona Barnett. 

Shown here there's also evidence spook lawyer Steven Biss is openly participating on this crap as Robert's main legal counselor, you will also notice it was Defango who doxed Jason Goodman to Robert as he is now amidst a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Robert himself. Defango is even set as the admin for Robert's website for $200 a month (imagine selling your soul for crumbs WOW). 

I don't trust Goodman, I think he is also a LARP or misinformed, either way, SNAKE EATS SNAKE, that's why we must remain united, that's how we remain different. They betray each other over pride, dominance, and stupidity, WE THE PEOPLE need to lift each other, actively and wisely! His feud with Robert could very well be a charade.

They fuckin' with my social media accounts is a VERY small price to pay, 28hrs lost on a weekend, in exchange for them panicking and further exposing themselves. I STAND STRONG, as long as they lose more. This is why you like this page beautiful people, I bring you the goods, even the unexpected ones. Special thanks to Titus Frost for his collaboration in getting these screenshots through his team.

PS. If CIA intelligence is hiring IDIOTS like Defango to freelance as shills, how can you be so skeptical of the likes of Sacha Stone being used by MI6, or the likes of Hoffman and Priest being used by BlackCube/Mossad. These liars NEED to be exposed if we really mean to wake up the world and take it out the cabal, they are here to discredit the whole movement.

BONUS: Some screenshots from our conversation with the main witness who knows Sacha better than many of his groupies, way better.

TOTAL DISCLOSURE DISCLAIMER: We don't advocate for harassment or violence against the individuals exposed in our media outlets, on the contrary, our aim is to inform people so they themselves avoid being victims of lies, scams, harassment, violence, manipulation, false information, emotional abuse or much worse. We also hope people in law enforcement will find out our research and act accordingly with the evidence/witnesses provided.

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