Adventures of Charles and Tameka Video #1: INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES


Augusta introduces her new student books: Adventures of Charles and Tameka. These books are for beginning readers who need to accelerate their rate of learning. She explains how these books use her Highly Recurring Phonic Elements and her strategies: Phonic Pattern Hopscotch, Three Column Board Drill, and Flash Cards for Fluency to introduce and practice learning the words.

Book One is the first book to be posted. It guides teachers in using an accelerated pace for mastery reading . Using the pages of the book that are displayed on the board, Augusta points out the components of the student book and the teacher’s pages . She makes a point of the need for acceleration as she tells us that when students finish the five stories in Book 1, they will be fluent in reading 82 different words and will have had practice with 22 of the Highly Recurring Phonic Elements. 

The books are illustrated by the students as they show mastery of the fluent reading of the text of each story. These illustrations are one of the checks on reading comprehension.

In the next video Augusta will demonstrate how to use the Intensified Accelerated teaching strategies to teach Story #1. Then in other videos in the series, she will sample one or more of each of the strategies to use in teaching the other stories in Book 1 and in the next series of books that will be posted.

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