"Wake" a New Comic!

I wanted to talk a bit about the new comic I'm working on; "Wake"! I'll start right off with the premise.

In Wake, super powers and criminal insanity are linked, and the fate of the city rests on the shoulders of the powerful hero Vanguard, the only sane person to be born with powers. But when the city's only hero dies, Detective Edward Allens turns to Vanguard's unstable empath sister. Better known to the police department as Sentinel, Vanguard's low key sidekick, who with the loss of her brother is on the verge of turning villain.

My plan for WAKE is to print it in 33 B&W page comics that are released in physical comic book issues. The story is written more short form, but does progress and relate back to earlier issues (like a comic book). I didn't plan to release pages online in any shape or form, but instead I'm considering giving it it's own $15 Patreon tier, where people can read the pages early, see private WAKE streams, and get WAKE comics mailed to them as they come out. This way people don't have to wait like 8 months to see any WAKE stuff, and I can get feedback for a happier artist, better comic, and a sooner release date. Let me know what you think about the idea, and feel free to ask questions!

Also, I should warn you all that WAKE isn't going to be like Bloodline. I'll be taking a VERY different approach to it. My goal with this story is something darker, more mature and professional, modern world, and comic book style. The result should be very interesting.

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