T.O.O.L. 11/15 Update


TOOL has been updated for 11/15/19. Functionality remains the same, just shift-click the objects to bring up the TOOL menu options.

Please note that the download options have changed. TOOL v1.1 brought you the option of being able to move the cursor around while a TOOL dialog was open. Unfortunately for now, this causes some quirky behavior with other game dialogs (like confirm boxes popping up under the current dialog). This doesn't hurt anything but it can be a little confusing.

For this reason, I'm moving it to a separate version of TOOL for now - So the downloads below include both a Tmex-T.O.O.L.package and a Tmex-T.O.O.L-MovableDialog.package.

If you want the non-blocking dialogs, use the MovableDialog package, otherwise use the normal TOOL.package.

Whichever option you pick, you'll also need to download the Tmex-TOOL.ts4script file. Also a reminder that unless you install my Always Testing mod (linked below for convenience), you'll need to make sure testingcheats true is on before TOOL options will show.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: I've removed the movabledialog package until it's updated for the June patch. Please use the normal package instead. Thanks.

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