InkyDays 11/15/19 - 11/21/19

An adventure in drawing, daily, with ink. 

#inkyDays 11/15/19

Playing with growing fungi pattern for today's drawing. I was planning to use a fill color, but soon after I started drawing I decided it was stronger as just lines.


#inkyDays 11/16/19

Short on time for drawing this morning, so I'm going with a network with some curves and circles.


#inkyDays 11/17/19

Revisiting some tessellating triangles, but with some bigger triangles, for today's drawing. Greener triangles at the terminal ends of branches, hinting at growth and time.


#inkyDays 11/18/19

Going with a loose crystalline lattice for today's drawing. I'm absolutely miserable with some sort of bronchitis or pneumonia, and just trying to keep going.


#inkyDays 11/19/19

Barely slept last night, for all the coughing. Today's drawing is inspired by how my lungs feel. Icky.


#inkyDays 11/20/19

Still feeling miserable and dizzy when I stand up, but not getting worse.  And I've got a little bit of energy again. Have to remember to take it easy and recover.  


#inkyDays 11/21/19

Starting to feel less miserable, less tired. But still lots of coughing.


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