Ragnablok Arrives at BrickFair New Jersey

This month, rather than spending hard-earned Patreon dollars on BrikWars server fees like a responsible person, I ditched town and took the family to the only appropriate place to stage the end of the universe: New Jersey!

For people who haven't been following the ballooning BrikWars Kanon between 2007-2018, it's hard to express the magnitude of the Ragnablok event - a decade of interweaving storylines and hundreds of player factions crushed out of existence in a collapsing Kanon-ball singularity. 

You can get an idea of the scale of Ragnablok from the battles and vignettes in the year-long buildup to the end of the universe documented here on the BrikWars wiki.

The apocalyptic final Battle of the Konvergence was appropriately cataclysmic, starting with over a thousand inches of units and only getting bigger each day as more players showed up with forces to throw into the fray.

Ninja_bait's epic write-up can be found in this thread: BATTLE OF THE KONVERGENCE . Most of the photos shown here are from his write-up.

And Kommander Ken wrote up a supporting account from the Brootalz' perspektive: DA KONVERGENS BATTEL - A BROOTISH COMMENTAREE 

Nobody appreciated it when I deployed the baby into the middle of the battle (Baby: Size: 14", Armor: 4, Action: d4 (d8 CC) ), but that's all right. We came here to fill diapers and kick ass.

Patreon members will be pleased to know you were well-represented in the apocalypse.

(You died)

The Four Rums made a central appearance, hosting an impromptu dance battle between the forces of competing skullfaces Mister Skeltal and Warhead.

(Sorry, Four Rums)

With the universe destroyed and doughnut-based objectives achieved, whatever ragtag survivors managed to escape are forced to embark into new and unknown universes, free of the crushing gravity of previous Kanon.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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