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What's new?


- Fixed a crash that happened upon deleting a character (or loading a scene) that slowed down the studio and made the boobs/butt unresponsive.

- Fixed being able to still drag around dynamic bones even after closing the advanced mode.

For AI:

- Added the "Alternative update mode" option for boobs/butt (this option was only available in HS up until now). Enabling this solves the problem of colliders not affecting boobs/butt when attached to a character node that has IK or FK enabled. It also solves another issue where boobs would still follow an animation even if IK or FK was enabled (thus locking the torso in place). Just try the boob job animation with IK enabled, you'll see what I mean.

Requirements (for first time users)

For HS:

A fully updated game with the 630 patch (under "Game Update")

Illusion Plugin Architecture 



The latest version of BepInEx

The latest version of the BepisPlugins collection.


HSPE Version 2.10.1 (Mega) 

KKPE Version 2.10.1 (Mega)  

AIPE Version 2.10.1 (Mega)  

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