Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.11.18

😍 Hello, Friend! 😘

I've uploaded a new beta build for you!!!  This build has a ton of additions and enhancements that continue to nail down important game design framework.  These changes pave the way for major content additions planned in upcoming milestones.

Wanna play?  🌟⭐ Get the beta here! ⭐🌟   

🔮 New Features 🔮

Archipelago Levels

Archipelagos now each have a unique level assigned to them.  This level will affect aspects like the strength of enemies, the value of items, the level of quests, and the physical size of the archipelago.

Visual Archipelago Health

The Inkheart invasion will inflict visible scars on the environment as it spreads across Medonia.  If you do not stop an invasion it may completely consume all life in an archipelago, leaving it as a charred wasteland.

Stat Progression

There is now an automated progression algorithm that determines appropriate enemy strength, rewards, archipelago levels, hero strength, the amount of exp required and gained, etc.  The system is easy to adjust as the game receives new content and fan feedback.

Item Levels

Items now have levels with scaling stats appropriate to their level.  The item level is visible in its description along with the stats it enhances.  The system also affects healing items, which will now heal more based on their item level.


There's now a blacksmith in Dunhaven that will sell you equipment appropriate for your current level.  The cost of items increase exponentially as the equipment becomes stronger.

Limited Shop Inventory

Shops now have a limited inventory that will replenish at the beginning of each new day.


Heroes must now equip consumable items to use them in combat.  This invites a healthy amount of strategic options when preparing your heroes for battle.

History Lesson: Pockets were already implemented in earlier beta versions, but were replaced with a more traditional "everyone shares the same inventory" system for the sake of simplicity.  Now that there is no more cap on inventory items, the pocket system is necessary to strike a strong balance with current combat mechanics.

Quest Levels

Quests now have specific levels assigned to them.  A hero's level and equipment affects how successful their team was during a quest.

"Gain EXP In Area" Delegations

You can send heroes to specifically gain EXP in fully explored archipelagos.  This allows you to keep your heroes active at all times.

Delegation-Only Quests

There are now special quests you can find, while exploring on your airship, that require delegating guild members to complete them.

🔨 Feedback Fixes 🔧

Adjustments to existing features based on fan feedback and personal observation...

  • Airship: Areas now load as an entire zone with all quests populating at the same time (rather than loading 1 quest at a time).
  • Airship: Destroyed archipelagos are now explorable.  They are visually different and (currently) offer no quests.
  • Airship: Floating barrel pick-ups contain much more valuable items now and can also contain healing items and revive items.
  • Quests: The explore quests can no longer be delegated.  This is to develop a distinct, symbiotic relationship between player contribution and the delegated NPC contribution.
  • Sound: The radar proximity sound effect is now much softer.
  • Items: Items no longer have a maximum carry capacity (including healing items).
  • UI: Quest Log now only shows quests that are active in your current area.
  • Characters: The maximum level is currently set at 99.
  • Items: Completely overhauled the available consumable items.  There is currently now just Healing Potions and Squabble Downs.  More variety is planned for later.
  • Items: Added ton of equipment variety (currently with placeholder names). 
  • UI: Implemented a tooltip to combat skill lists.

🐞 Bug Squashes 🐛

Bugs that 'should' be fixed...

  • Misc: Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements...

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