SkinEffects v2.1.2 - Additional effects for KK and KKS

Nov 18, 2019

A plugin that adds simple effects to characters' skin that are not present in the main game (H scenes and roaming mode) and studio. The effects include sweating, wetness under shower, bukkake etc.

What's new?



  • f38ad7d Split blushing off from wet effect into a separate blush effect (thanks to Augh for fixing the blush overlay); Added all new effects to studio UI
  • 2567d46 Update KSOX dependency to latest version
  • 69ee60d Reduce butt blush amount


  • #10 @FenixPK Added Wet Pussy-Juice Effect
  • 973a76a Added new effects: anal bukkake, cum in nose from blowjobs, and kissing saliva (overlays and code by NotLikeThem)
  • 129b105 Added slight fully-body blush to wet body 3 and 4 (based on overlay by LLLLLLEEEEEE222222)
  • 32737aa Added lvl 4 wet face overlay by NotLikeThem
  • 129b105 Improved wet face blush in lvl 4 and also added it to lvl 3
  • 45423dc Tweaked drool overlay to work with the new saliva effect
  • 923493a Fixed wet body effect not working in masturbation scenes

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How to install

  1. Make sure your game is updated and has latest versions of all of these plugins installed: BepInEx v5.x, BepisPlugins, KKAPI and Overlay Mods
  2. Download the latest release for your game from below.
  3. Extract the archive into your game's directory (dll file should end up inside the BepInEx\plugins folder).
  4. Start studio, you should see new options under the anim menu.
  5. In main game you can disable any of the effects in the plugin settings screen.

View source code

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