2019 Me Originals

Hello! I had four stories appear for the first time this year. 


My favorite is "A Sharp Breath of Birds", which first appeared in Uncanny and is forthcoming in Laura Christensen's Then Again, along with the gorgeous original artwork by Laura that inspired the story. 

It's on the shorter side, and I would be delighted if you read it right here!


Additionally I had three humor shorts come out: 

"miscellaneous notes from the time an alien came to band camp disguised as my alto sax", in F&SF March/April 2019, which is totes inspired by my time at a very srs band camp, and is great fun to read aloud.

"So You Want to Write Human/Galthgearian Interstellar Romance: a brief how-to by EE’thoo Lnthogearian" in Daily SF, which is obviously inspired by reading some excellent writing books.

"Dial M for Martians" in Daily SF, which is clearly inspired by a production of Dial M for Murder I saw last winter. Except, like, from the hitman's POV, and there's little green men.


I am catching up on my own 2019 reading and finding lots of great things, which I will tweet about as I go over the next couple months. Always delighted to hear suggestions of things you have loved as well!

xo tina

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