A three episode series on one of the most blatantly fake sexual abuse advocates out there, Gabe Hoffman, the producer and "owner" of the documentary film directed by Amy Berg, An Open Secret. On this third episode of the series we dive deep into the Gabe's immediate and closest associates, his next door billionaire neighbors, George W. Bush's crony Al Hoffman Jr., Chris "King Coal" Cline who is now deceased and Cline's ex-girlfriend Elin Nordegren (the former wife of Tiger Woods). Cline and Nordegren, along with her brother, traveled to an orphanage in Haiti in 2012 as part of a church mission. 

Gabe is notorious for his antics online, insulting and blocking people who don't agree 100% with his vision of what is a legit sex abuse case. He has been deflecting from Pizzagate, NXIVM, Epstein and the Franklin Coverup since he came into the fold. Does the people associated with Tenet Healthcare play a role on Gabe's interest in deflecting from these SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) cases?

The Clinton family, the Bush family, the Carlyle group, people involved in crimes of all sorts; all working under the Tenet Healthcare flag. Some of these associations only amplify the rumors of massive money laundering schemes... but on this episode those rumors SOUND LOUDER, as we explore just how involved was Gabe in  FELP (Chris Cline's coal company Foresight Reserves LP, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri).

 Gabe does not seem to be running a legit hedge fund, holding only puts on TESLA and shares in FELP. The only reason to hold shares in this dog would be to take it over. The thing with Cline's death and FELP is huge. There's a strong chance this could be a scam where they control the coal production contracts and futures; they are trying to run the company into the ground to take it private.  And in fact this came in TODAY, last minute so is not included on the audio:  FELP is being taken off the stock exchange, now Gabe and his partners will be able to swoop in for the kill. Cline's family will have no choice but to sell at firesale prices (two daughters and one son).


Cline owned two mega-yachts that he christened "Mine Games". The first was a 164-footer built by Trinity Yachts, delivered in 2008. He sold the yacht in 2013, later purchasing another 205-foot (62 m) larger luxury yacht that he also christened "Mine Games". Mine Games, which had five staterooms and its own submarine, was designed and built by Italy-based Benetti in 2010. Cline sold the yacht in the fall of 2018.

His neighbor Al Hoffman Jr. ran the money for Bush Jr's presidential campaign, and then was rewarded with an appointment as ambassador to Portugal which was his job when Madeleine McCann disappeared (according to migration data and police sketches John and Tony Podesta are considered highly suspect). That alone is an amazing coincidence. His other neighbor Chris Cline died suddenly in an aircraft crash on the 4th of July, he was known as "King Coal", Gabe owned 10% of his company and had his offices in the same building. Gabe hated Isaac Kappy and Kappy's last message on his "suicide letter" was "4th of July return of the King". Now the coincidences are off the charts. 

How come Gabe has financial and social links to every major politician he insists in clearing from any wrongdoing involving pedophilia and/or human trafficking?

The man that portrays himself as a hedge fund manager even though the financial experts I consulted agree he is lousy at investing and has lost $200+ million fading Tesla alone since the middle of 2018. Which notorious pedophile used to live in Palm Beach, FL (around 20miles away from Gabe) and was found out to be a Mossad intelligence asset? Sounds familiar? What else do they have in common?

TOTAL DISCLOSURE DISCLAIMER: We don't advocate for harassment or  violence against the individuals exposed in our media outlets, on the  contrary, our aim is to inform people so they themselves avoid being  victims of lies, scams, harassment, violence, manipulation, false  information, emotional abuse or much worse. We also hope people in law enforcement will find out our research and act accordingly with the  evidence/witnesses provided. 

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