University - Teens Jump To University

This mod is born form an idea of TheLibrarian, I only did the technical part.

There is a mod already that allows you to enroll teens in University, I wanted something a bit different.

This is my take on the subject:

So in my mod, the school will be the one to offer an High School A student the chance to enroll in University, during school hours. The chances are not so high (5) but they're way higher for Genius teens!

You'll get this pop up, at this point, you can choose to quit high school. The school will send the application letter for your teen, and he or she will have the option to check the application status:

The wait time is the same as is for standard application, after 1 day, you will have the result:

At this point, you'll be able to enroll the teen into a University:

- Does this mod allow teens to quit school?


- Does this mod require a mod to allow teens to quit high school?


- Does this mod allow teens to enroll into University?

I modified the testset, so once the teen is able to send the letter, he will be able to enroll.

This mod very likely requires Get Famous.

Added Italian and Chinese.

- Compatibility Update with Children Skip to High School.

- Compatibility Update with The Sheldon L Cooper Program

If you have my other mod, The Sheldon L. Cooper program, the school will also apply the teen for both the scholarship it offers (15000 for geniuses and 5000 for ex grade school A students) 

The Sheldon L Cooper Program:

ADDED: Responsibility gain to compensate the loss from quitting school (can't do otherwise)

- removed a leftovers file 

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