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Buckingham High is glad to introduce The Sheldon L. Cooper Program for young Geniuses! 

Cleaning up this post because is a Mess. Welcome to The Sheldon Cooper Project, addressed to High school students hoping to enter the University.

What is The Project?

Basically, we offer 3 scholarships only to teenagers, two of them are for Merit:

The Sheldon L. Cooper Merit for young Geniuses is a scholarship valued 15.000 that will be awarded only to young geniuses and will cover the full cost of the University.

The Sheldon L. Cooper Merit for young Promises is a scholarship valued 5.000 that will be awarded only to students that obtained good results in school.

The Sheldon L. Cooper Program is a special scholarship!

When you apply to it, you'll be requested to attend a Preparatory Course. The classes are in the afternoon, the schedule is different from level to level but in most cases they last from 17 to 19 PM

You will have to attend the Night Classes and meet the requirements. Beware that it will not be easy, since the course is studied to prepare the student to enter more than one Prestige Degree, so the requirements to advance are pretty high:

You will also have to do special homework in addition to the ones for your regular class:

On quit, the School will send the application letter for the Scholarship. 

There are 2 Scholarships available, one is valued 5.000 (added) and the other one is valued 10.000 and will be granted only to deserving students.

Can I apply to more than one option?

Yes, you can apply to more than one Scholarship at once or to all of them.

If you have Teens Jump to University, the teen will be applied to both the Merit Scholarships on quitting High School.

If you have Harder Distinguished Degree Acceptance the Night School will sum up to the score for Prestige Degrees.

ADDED: Responsibility Gain on joining the Night School.

FIXED: a very very very stupid LE when trying to email the counselor.

-- and fixed again because I uploaded the wrong file.

FIXED: a test I broke while fixing the LE

Languages- Chinese, Italian, French.

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