Soul Saga - Beta Update - 19.11.20

😍 Hello again, Friend! 😘

I know it's only been a couple days since the last update, but I missed you so much!!!

And there was something else... Oh yeah!  I made a few updates to the Soul Saga beta!

🔮 New Features 🔮

All characters are now recruitable

Now that Soul Saga's base game design is starting to get fleshed out, it's important for the balance of the game that you're able to utilize all your guild members.

You can recruit the characters of your choice through the Guild Senate.  Their personal stories aren't implemented yet, but they're still ready to help your guild out in the meantime!

Enhanced Player Party Choosing Design

That's quite a mouthful for something so simple!  Basically I've overhauled the UI / UX design for choosing the heroes in your personal party.  Now it's much more simple and intuitive while still maintaining the personality and charm of each character.

Status Menu

There's now a status menu that will let you know basic stats and the location of your heroes (in party, on quest, idle in guildhall, etc).  This menu will be fleshed out over time as more details are added to the game.

🔨 Feedback Fixes 🔧

Adjustments to existing features based on fan feedback and personal observation...

  • Gameplay: The player is now required to have at least 1 hero in their main party at all times.
  • User Interface: Dialogue option choice UX design has been enhanced dramatically.  Previously users could accidently select options while trying to skip text.  Now the design requires the player to press a directional key before an option is selected.
    This allows players to safely skip text without accidently choosing a decision prompt.

🐞 Bug Squashes 🐛

Bugs that 'should' be fixed...

  • Misc: Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements...

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