[PimpMySims4] University Aspiration Pack

[11/27/19] *French text strings  now included*

While playing around with Discover University I found myself a bit disappointed with the lack of new aspirations and traits that came with the EP. University students usually don't focus solely on academics, so why should our sims? I decided to make a pack of 7 aspirations that utilize some of the new features that came with the pack, while also focusing on other aspects of a sim's life. 

I hope you all enjoy these, I have been playing around with them and am happy with the variety, but feel free to tell me if you want more aspirations in the future (Doesn't have to be university related). I also have a student based trait pack in the works that I will try to make base game compatible for those who don't have Discover University, so please look forward to that! 

Sporty Scholar

Campus Crook

Part Time Parent

Part Time Student

Balanced Life

Campus Crush

Party School

Download Here:



French - Now included! (Credit -  Kimikosoma)

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