Lately in Development (with a video!)

Howdy! I just wanted to post a little post summarizing what I've been up to with Shield Cat lately. I post all of it to the Discord and some of it to social media, but I just wanted to make a kind of compilation post? So here we go!

First up, last month I created and rigged a new model for Lance. His original one was much too tall (he's not supposed to be a big guy) and this model is also easier to animate.

I haven't yet put the model into the game, but you can see here that it's far easier to clean up and the sprites made from it generally look better overall.

Meanwhile, I added destructible terrain! Lance can cut down these bushes and the grass with his spin attack. The grass and bushes will stay cut too until you leave the area entirely. It's small, but satisfying.

I also added this fancy lighting. A circle goes around Lance and any other light source in the room, and they merge together when they're closeby (this is done by modifying the alpha channel of the surface that the game is drawn on, if you're curious - very fast stuff)

In addition, I made it so that I can add different color tints to different rooms, so I can make one area more blue to indicate it's nighttime there.

In terms of background programming, I made it so that the game can actually read the save file format I've created. Now Lance has actual stats like health, attack, and defense. 

There goes an attack upgrade now! It also spins (not pictured)

Lance also has a proper health and speed meter now. He has baskets of fish, and on the right (not shown because Lance is at full health) is the health bar. Each time Lance loses a fish, the meter will show how much health he has. When Lance loses all his fish and health, it's game over.

The speed meter on the left shows how fast Lance is going, and his portrait also updates to reflect how much health he has. If you glance up and he looks really concerned, you're in trouble!

I also added a way for the game to change from orthographic to perspective in the middle of a frame. Notice the trees on the far left and right of the screen? They move in parallax with the rest of the game, giving it a sense of depth.

Here's a picture of the room segmentation I've added. This breaks up a room into sections and allows you to scroll between them.

The final thing I want to show is the 3D! Here I'm going to show you all of the things I discussed in this post, as well as the new 3D objects that I've put into the game.

The Video!

Please take a look here for the video: 

The gear is 3D, and spins when you hit it, causing the bridge to extend. Eventually, the gear will spin the other way and retract the bridge. If Lance is still standing on it at that time, he'll fall.

When the bridge fully extends, it makes a sound and the controller vibrates too!

(Note: I've done more than mentioned here, but it's just little stuff and bug fixes. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I fixed the collision on walls, so now Lance can smoothly walk along a diagonal wall with no issues at all.)

Thank you Patrons

I appreciate my patrons who support me and allow me to make this all possible. Several of them have elected to be credited in these kinds of posts, so here are their names:

Ansel Geisel, Chris Badger, Christopher 'kode54' Snowhill, David Wolfpaw, Flake, FoxyDude, Goronhead, Gri, Holly 'Frinkel' Lotor,  Holly Hoppet, Hulex Fox, Kevin López B.,   Leon P, LF, Markus Joseph Kitsinger, Mello the Ferret, Morgan, Nenekiri, Otarine, raine, Rix, Saxxon Fox, Spyduck, Susan Tolias, SUSHiCLAWS, Vivee

Thank you to these and my other patrons, as well as other supporters even if you can't financially. A lot of people really like what I'm doing, and I couldn't do it without you!

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