NaNoWriMo, 11/22/2019 Snippet.


As war cries go, “NEVER DO THIS!” at least has the virtue of novelty and honesty.  And, in fact, for a moment Morgan was grimly certain that he had guessed wrong on where those damnable claws were as he rolled past them and straight to the Tick Queen’s side.  But the deadly talons merely sliced away more of Morgan’s armor as his free hand snaked out to grab one of the crossbow bolts fixed in the Tick Queen’s armor.  

With a mighty wrench (and more pain in his wound) Morgan slung himself onto the Tick Queen’s back.  The claws could not reach Morgan there; although the monster certainly tried to rip at him as he started hammering on one of the Tick Queen’s scales.  The tough chitin did not shatter under his blows, but it did shift and deform.

Of course, the Tick Queen did not care for that at all; but it was not built to buck or rear.  It tried to shake from side to side, but Morgan shoved one foot under the slight gap made by his blows while he began striking at a scale closer to what passed for a spine in this monster. A few, terror-filled strokes later, the second scale parted just enough to reveal the slimy flesh beneath.

Morgan dropped the hammer and pulled his Bowie knife from its tied-down sheath. 

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