November has been a strange month. It often feels like a bit of a void between Samhain and solstice, yet it’s recognised as a sacred month to Hekate and that has been at the forefront of my mind.

I’ve attempted to renew my devotional work to Hekate, while at the same time doing about a gazillion other things. I’m perfectly aware that I’ve taken too much on, yet as I look at it all laid out before me, an endless ream of tasks, I can’t see one thing I want to let go of.

I repeatedly say to my husband that there needs to be more hours in the day. I need that time turner gadget that Hermione made such good use of. If only...

This month has seen the following for me:

  • A lot of progress on my new book on Green Paganism
  • Tons of “day job” work (I’m a professional copywriter to pay the bills)
  • I’ve been out and about selling cruelty-free candles and accessories
  • I’ve got back into playing guitar and keyboard, and my son has started piano lessons
  • I’ve refreshed all my sacred spots and started taking more time to sit with my own spirituality

This last point needs more attention. I feel so much more enriched when I take time to meditate, sit with my deities, or practice my craft. I’ve got into a bad habit of putting my own needs last. That’s my goal for December, in the run up to the Winter Solstice: stop thinking of myself as an afterthought.

For my Patrons, expect some wintry poetry this month, and hopefully some music too. Stay warm!

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