NaNoWriMo, 11/25/2019 Snippet.


‘The enemy broke.’  Three antiseptic words to describe screams, chaos, and the almost tangible scent of fear on the air.  As the Freeholders fled, Morgan could see Sleeveless and a knot of supporters try to rally them, only to have a wild-eyed Freeholder slash his former chief down before being gutted in his turn.  Then the Outlander archers started shooting in that direction, which led to more Freelanders dying on the grass and the rest running.

Morgan turned around to — say nothing to the Outlanders.  Or to Brown, who was chivvying militiamen to snatch up crossbows and and shoot down the enemy as they ran.  He knew perfectly well it was the best time to shoot at the enemy, after all.  And, damn their eyes: nobody invited them to come visit.

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