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A quick diagram panel in Rabbit's diary gets a good reaction here --
This kind of thing really fascinates Rabbit! 

Rabbit shows this student his ANIMAL NATURE episode.
She is pointing to the EARS episode.  

This was really just a passing moment in a wider class conversation;
I wish Rabbit had been able to pull up a chair & interview further:
How did this style come about?
Who uses it?
Where, When, Why?
Suddenly there are so many unexpected connections between animal mask cartooning & veiled characters ...

So next, Rabbit will go looking for a scriptural basis in ahadith prophetic tradition!    


The final panel background comes from Rabbit's delving into Wikipedia's "Depictions of Muhammad" galleries ...
It's Firdausi's Parable of the Ship of Faith, Folio 18 (16th century): 


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