#cicatriciebaci 4th Series online, FADE SERIES

This series brings all the quality of the weather transition of fall. Each time a series is completed I can look back at the beginning and feel the magic embroidery of time into our life and thoughts.

This series walked with us from summer to late fall, almost into winter. We have seen three powerful full moons and an eclipse, or two... well my friends in astrology are more in that kind of information... but we felt it.

Feeling of dive deep into ourselves, have a powerful encounter with inhabitants of our forgotten inner spaces, and  arise cleared and stronger into now.

Fade, disappear from sight but remain tangible essence, treat yourself to the possibility of not deciding whether to let go or hold back, decide the transparency, the plan of meeting and the bond; fade as a quality of time and space that we can adjust, ... color! ...transform!

We di it!