2nd Democracy Time

Hello, it’s Zumbak time, and I come bearing democracy in its second iteration! There will be some new ideas and some old ideas. The main thing is that there will be more, so don’t forget this when deciding…


Drust: Perhaps you have seen screenshots in our developer diaries that show the drust and the events that occurred in Drustvar. At the moment, nobody is working on them, but we can resume work. This feature will include a new necromantic religion based on the drust and Drustvar storylines involving the Order of Embers and Gorak Tul’s attempt to conquer Kul Tiras.

Reformable Religions: I believe you know what this term means, so there’s only a few details to note. We plan to make all primitive religions reformable. This includes the murloc, harpy, kobold, quilboar, and centaur religions. We’re going to add most of the vanilla religious doctrines like Astrology or Haruspicy plus a few new ones. So far, we don’t have plans to make other non-primitive religions to be reformable like troll, orcish, tauren religions because the reformable religions are supposed to be aggressive, but we may change these plans in the future.

Stop Invader Coalition: CK2 has defensive coalitions, but there are no "offensive" coalitions, like in EU4, where several rulers unite against the Scourge, Legion or the Black Empire and take them down. This will allow a divided Azeroth to repel attacks from the bad guys without resulting in large centralized realms like the Horde or the Alliance.

Holding and Economy Map Rework: As of right now, almost the entire world economy is concentrated in big capital cities with most provinces having 1-3 holdings at most. I plan to give all provinces at least 3 holdings and add holdings depending on the presence of civilization in the province (cities, villages, etc). The end goal would be to better reflect the disparity between the frozen deserts of Northrend and dense urban areas of the Eastern Kingdoms through more well-rounded province holding slots.

Religious Societies: This would involve adding semi-religious, semi-class societies using the vanilla monk societies as a base. So, why it’s semi-semi? They are semi-religious because we are going to adapt the monk societies and use their quests and some abilities. Semi-class because these societies will be closely tied to the class. For example, the Loa Priests have a Loa-related society where by becoming a better Loa Priest, you increase your chances to level up in this society.

Racism: Attitudes to other races is a significant part of many characters or even entire cultures. The Amani trolls hate the high elves, and the high elves hate them back. The highborne hate everyone except the elves, so on and so forth. We suggest adding it as traits, a lot of traits that you can get through rivalry or war with another race.

Frozen Throne Bookmark: You may know that the work on this bookmark has frozen, but we can try to melt it and finish the story of such iconic characters as Garithos, Sylvanas, Arthas, Kael’thas, Illidan, and many more during the end of the Frozen Throne. For more info, just visit our developer’s diaries, there were a lot of screenshots.

Engineer and Banker Societies: The premise here is rather self-explanatory. One society will be based around the gnomes, and the other will be based around the goblins. Ultimately, both societies will be open to all races. The engineer society is focused on Learning while the banker one is focused on Stewardship.

Quick-made Portraits of Main Races: We still don’t have an artist to make normal portraits, so that’s why I say quick-made. So far, we can at least export sets of faces, hair and facial hairs from WoW. It’s pretty easy, so it’s possible to finish such portraits for main races like the tauren, all kinds of elves, goblins, gnomes etc.



Reformable Religions


Stop Invader Coalition


Holding and Economy Map Rework


Religious Societies




Frozen Throne Bookmark


Engineer and Banker Societies


Quick-made Portraits of Main Races

Poll ended Dec 4, 2019
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