OrthographicCamera v1.1.1 for KK and AIS

Plugin that allows using of the orthographic (parallel projection) camera mode. Works in both Studio and main game/maker. (This is the effect that is used in isometric games like for example Diablo 2 and Fallout 2)

What's new? 

 v1.1.1 - Fixed not working properly in AIS studio. 

 v1.1 -  This release adds support for AI-Shoujo / AI-Girl, and improves performance in scenes with a lot of objects. Minor issues in KK main game with the orthographic size getting reset were also fixed.

How to use

  • Needs BepInEx v5.x
  • Extract the zip for your game in your game directory (the .dll should end up inside your BepInEx\plugins folder).
  • To toggle between perspective (normal) and orthographic camera mode press the I key (can be changed in settings) and then use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

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