Last year, I did a drawing a day over Winter Break. I'm tempted to start on December 1. Is that nuts? It might be nuts. Let me think about it. Because that's Sunday. Tomorrow. And I'm already in panic mode about school. 

Hmmm. I like setting goals though. It gives my brain something to work toward, and then I don't just sit around doing nothing on the couch with my phone in my hand. I read this article that all it takes is 45 minutes a day of artmaking for you to feel better, more positive. Well duh. I think that's what was wrong with yesterday. I did mean to make art, but I got sick. One of those food-related things, I think, because it seems gone today. 

A drawing a day. I think that might be more than I can handle for the next three weeks. Maybe a drawing a week for the next three, and then when Winter Break starts on the 21st, then I can go to one a day. Sound good? I think so. There. It's a goal.

I was supposed to go to Lake Arrowhead yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and family friends today, but the weather closed the road until this morning, and I decided against the long drive twice in one day and fighting the looky-loo snow people on a Saturday after a holiday. My parents are not happy, but the family friends are very understanding. I just don't want to add 6+ hours of stressful driving to my day right now. I have too much school work to do in order to be sane next week. 

May we all make good decisions about self care, eh? 

OK, art in December. Honestly, I wanted to be much further along with this quilt by now. It's been a crappy week. With that, I'll get it cut out in the next few days, ironed down next week? Hopefully? And then quilted at some point. It will be fine. No worries. I should start drawing the next one though, just to be maybe that's my drawing this week. Or the start of it anyway. I always find it difficult, but incredibly necessary, to make art this coming month. Too many holiday things and requirements, plus grades are due, AND we are going on a short trip (that may also have been crazy, but oh well.). 

Here's one of last year's Winter Break drawings...

I really did enjoy just drawing every night and not worrying about what it would make. Much like the drawings I do for the Patreon every month. It's relaxing to just sit and draw. And even though I haven't made this into a quilt, it would make a cool one. I wish I could just take a year off work and make all these. Sounds delightful.

OK, back to reality. December is coming! May it be full of love and light and good desserts that you enjoy without guilt and lots of Christmas lights (I love Christmas lights) and good smells and artmaking or artenjoying. Whichever works for you.

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