Walt Gragg on Apocalyptic Mideast War Novel "The Chosen One"

Novelist Walt Gragg just published The Chosen Onea new apocalyptic Mideast war novel. It envisions a US war against a self-styled Mahdi’s military attempt to unite the Arab world under an Islamic theocracy. Gragg's take on Islamic eschatology is, to say the least, problematic:

"For fourteen hundred years the prophecy had remained unfulfilled. Islam had yet to complete its conquest. Each day two billion voices prayed for Allah to give them a sign. Each evening they searched the heavens for the Mahdi's arrival. At last their prayers had been answered...their guide, the Chosen One, had shown himself. The time had come for Islam to conquer. The time had come for the world to end."  (p.51) (If only all two billion Muslims on earth really were that fervent in their prayers for the Mahdi to come and help the one and only true Messiah, Jesus Christ, establish peace, truth, and justice!)

Gragg's "Mahdi" tells an interviewer: "I'm the one who Allah, in his infinite wisdom, has selected to destroy the nonbelievers. I'm the one the prophecy foretold would lead Islam in its conquest of the world and to prepare the pious for the end of time." (That's only slightly better than the anthrax letters' "Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great"—which as Graeme MacQueen writes, "is as if someone had tried to frame Native Americans for the crime by inserting a note in the letters, 'White man in heap big trouble.'")

The interviewer asks whether the term "nonbelievers" includes Christians. The "Mahdi" says "Christians are also considered nonbelievers by those who love the sacred teachings of the Qur'an...it's not just Christians, Miss Wells. Unbelievers also include all non-Islamic religions and those Arabs whose belief in Islam is not as it should be."

So Gragg's  "Mahdi" plans to kill everyone who doesn't agree with his bizarre ideas. He sounds like a Takfiri-Wahhabi...a tiny, inconsequential, heretical sect that would not even exist today if it hadn't been massively funded and weaponized by the British and later the Americans and Zionists. (ISIS, of course, was created at Camp Bucca as part of a US-Zionist psy-op against Islam.)

In fact, all Islamic authorities agree that the Mahdi will return to defeat Antichrist (Dajjal) and help Jesus Christ establish peace, truth, and justice on Earth.  But good luck interesting  a US publisher in a war novel truthfully depicting such things. The military novel reading public probably isn't ready for a book explaining "we've met the Antichrist and he is US!"

A retired attorney and former state prosecutor, Gragg is a Vietnam veteran who served at United States European Headquarters in Germany, where the idea for his first novel The Red Line took shape.

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