Whats New in The Villain Simulator Beta 14

 The Villain Simulator Beta 14 is out. Download it Here

For this build I mostly focused on updating the SteamVR SDK to 2.5 (most recent as of today)

With this update I had to re implement from the ground up all the VR functionality in the game. Yes, all of it...

There are a lot of benefits that come for free with the new SDK, let me talk about a few:

Support for all Headsets and Controllers trough SteamVR

Using SteamVR rebinding settings now you can create custom controller mappings for any controller you may be using, I added default bindings for:

  • Vive Wands
  • Index Knuckles
  • Oculus Touch

Plus you can create your own mapping for any controller you may have using this guide 

Easier integration of locomotion and teleport

The new system made very simple to integrate teleporting and snap turn mechanics as seen on the SteamVR lobby. This will also easily allow me to add fixed teleport points to make the experience better.

Hands Posing

I will take advantage of the new hand posing system that will allow me to create hand poses for all interact-able items and even hand poses for controllers that support independent finder tracking like the knuckles controller.

VR Bow

Something I wanted to add to the game was a bow that will be used for a mini game Im working on, this came for free after the update and it only required minor adjustments to bring it to TVS scene.

The New Character

I want to take advantage of all the hype a new upcoming game is creating and I'm working on a fan-art character. I added the base mesh to the cryotank so you can take a sneak peek. I hope this attracts some Patreons to help me fund this project.

Here is a 3D render of said character:

Why beta 14 took so long?

Unfortunately there was an incident that prevented me from working almost 2 months, now that I could resume working I want to hurry and push a new build even tho there is no much new content and most of it is the SDK update.

I would like to make up for it and I will be running a poll this week for you to decide what I will be releasing on beta 15. I will work solely on the feature you chose and you can expect a very early next build.

Thanks again to everybody for your support.

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