#31DaysOf1K - Day 12 and Getting to Know Me
Today I got in my words, topping off at 1,147. I've got some plans for tonight which involve sleeping, role playing, and whiskey. It probably won't happen in that order. Probably. There's potential for more writing to happen, of course, but I'm happy to have gotten the minimum down. The Esho story is humming right along. I'm in the last third and suspect the first draft will top off at around 29-30,000 words. I hope after an editing pass to beef that up to somewhere in the 40k word mark. 

One of my writing partners passed me some more questions, so I thought I'd include them in this post. It'll give you more insight into my process.

  1. Are you an outliner?  If so, how do you go about it generally? When I outline, which is usually only on novels, I use a variation of the snowflake. http://www.<wbr>advancedfictionwriting.com/<wbr>articles/snowflake-method/</wbr></wbr>
  2. If not, what form of organization do you place on your craft and how do you go about it generally? When I don't outline, I try and have at least a one or two sentence summary in my head.
  3. Do you need to work on one story at a time? Do I need to? No. I do like to. And I think it helps as long as I have one I'm actively working towards finishing.
  4. While drafting do you ever consider how things might work when produced in audio?  Does that effect how you shape the story? Not consciously, but given my podcast background I'm sure it fits in.
  5. How many edits do you perform? No specific number but somewhere between three and five depending on how you count them.
  6. Do you take a break between drafting and editing? For longer form stuff, absolutely.
  7. What is the focus of each editing pass you take? Usually the first pass I look to flesh things out, catching any obvious oopsies as I go. I try to add more descriptive language. Then it's a pass for continutiy/story issues. Then for grammar. Sometimes these things overlap a bit.
  8. What sort of content specialists do you hire for a book (such as a cover designer)? Cover designer and editor
  9. How do you like that pay service you use? I'm very happy with the designers and editors I have.
  10. Are you finding any type of continuous revenue stream at all (regardless of size) yet? Patreon.    

And here's where I insert a plug for backing my work. There's plenty of free stuff to dip your eyeballs in. But, don't forget, there's also some patron only goodness. Consider backing my work for as little as $1 a month!