#31DaysOf1K - Day 16 and Halfway Home
Well, yesterday I passed more or less the halfway mark. I wrote 1,055 words and it went well. I introduced a dose of humor into Esho's darkest adventure to date. That was fun. This month, I've written 21,728 words. That puts me slightly ahead of my monthly goal of 40K. I'm 5,700 words over my 1,000 words a day goal. The Esho story is at 28,628 words. Am I happy with how it's gone so far? Absolutely!

Quite a few people have told me these posts are inspirational. I'm glad. Feedback like that inspires me to keep going. I didn't have any problems meeting my goals yesterday in terms of temptation to slack. I really do feel like this is becoming a "habit". Like I'd miss it if I didn't do it. That's a good thing.

On a separate note, I'll be shipping an e-book in about ten days or so. "Coming Home Again" is a sci-fi romance. If you sign up today for my email list, you'll get an advanced reader's copy. I hope to have some reviews on day one when it goes live on Amazon. Here's the link for the email list - eepurl.com/jTJWn

Thank for your moral and financial support! I've made it past $150. Next I'd like to see $175. That would be a good end of the month goal. Based on my numbers, if everyone reading this chips in, I'll hit it no problem. Think about it and give if you can.

Write on!Scott