#31DaysOf1K - Day 17 and Pantsing
Yesterday I wrote 1,027 words. I nearly didn't make i past 720, because we went to go get milkshakes and let me tell you I wanted to just go to bed when we got back. But I opened Write or Die and cranked out the last 280 because it would have been ridiculous not to. I'm glad I did. I have a string of 17 writing days and all but one of those is over the 1k word mark. I ain't stopping any time soon. 

I'm doing something unusual for this Esho St Claire story. I'm pantsing it. For those of you not in the know that means I'm writing it by the seat of my pants. I don't have an outline and while I did have and do have a plan, it's turning out to have a different kind of protagonist than I thought it would. This kind of thing can also happen if you're plotting. but for me it's less likely. 

Usually I plot novels and pants short stories. This won't make me shy away from plotting, not at all. I still like the things an outline can help me with. It has its place. The thing I'm being semi conscious of is making sure I don't go too far afield from the plot that's taking shape. I need to stay "on the beam" of what I've written so far. It's one thing to explore. It's another to get lost while exploring.

On a different note, I'd like to congratulate my friend Paul Cooley for crossing the $250 dollar mark in patrons recently. I've been telling him for as long as I've been on Patreon that he needs to be and now that he is, he's doing very well. If you like horror and love supporting indie creators, check out his page.  He's doing this writing thing full time now and needs all the $$$ he can get.

Speaking of crossing goals and the like, I'm pondering how to set my goals and increase the likelihood of you all who aren't supporting my work through this site to take that leap. What would encourage you to help me get to $275? A new Ginnie Dare short story? A google hangout with me? More audio content (which I plan on putting out at least one bit of audio this month)? A patrons only version of these daily posts with a piece of writing advice? Talk to me!

Write on!

Scott Roche