#31DaysOf1K - Day 25 and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!
The month is almost over. I set out to do this on something of a whim, as I do a lot of things. I didn't over think it. I set a goal and was determined to stick to it. So far, I have for most of the days to date. Yesterday was no different. I wrote 1,191 words according to Write or Die. I did it in two brief sprints and it felt good. What does all this work result in? 

Well, it results in days like yesterday where I set up a book launch party. I approached writer friends/family to help me celebrate the upcoming release of Coming Home Again, my SF romance novella. They showered me with gifts which will find their homes in the e-readers and shelves of several folks. You should come!

It's on Facebook though I plan on finding a way to incorporate all of the social media I'm on. The Facebooks are just a way of congregating my efforts into one space. 

If it weren't for months like this, each day building words upon words, I wouldn't have a book to celebrate. If it weren't for people like some of you reading this, I wouldn't have a beautiful cover and a talented  editor. They say writing is a solo endeavor. And it is. But publishing that work, getting it into your hands... That takes a team. It takes money. It takes sweat and effort and not just mine. 

So, thank you for your support, whether that's dollars or reviews or retweets or hearts on posts like this. It means a lot.

Write on!