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32: Light Dinner Conversation
Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Or, if not, do you ever travel for the holidays and have to sit in a big room, with lots of family, and lots of food and ... interact? With them? If so: this episode was made for you. Or, really, it was made for the lulls in conversation in such a situation – what (sound things) to say when things aren't being said. In it, I talk about the effects of shouting over people in loud settings, how [American] Football sounds the way it does and the vagaries of cooperating with family members in conversation. 

Also! I know I've missed an RS newsletter and posting has been light lately! I went to Vienna, and then to Las Vegas and then to Boston and man. Traveling is a real time suck. Thanks for sticking with me – there's an RS newsletter and some general postings on the way. <3


This week, it’s the sounds that surround holiday gatherings and rituals. Mike tackles several sonic phenomena and how they will function during your Turkey Day soiree. And how you can use their existence as fodder for conversations with your Uncle Alvin when you run out of weather to discuss.

You’ll learn about the acoustic arms race that is the Lombard Effect. How the TV people record the sparkling sounds of football. And what being cooperative has to do with our ability to have conversations at all.

Plus, Mike tries to pronounce weird technical terms.

From the whole Reasonably Sound team: Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Family is Family by Kacey Musgraves from Pageant Material
  • Family Day Red Room by Microkingdom from Spectacular Edges
  • Football Fight by Queen from the Flash Gordon Soundtrack


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