This year has been a lot. For me, for so many people in so many places all over the word. I am so thankful for the support of family and community. There seems to be a lot of fantasy expectations about life and being human. People struggle to have compassion for those who are sick. It's important to remember that everyone needs help. Everyone will experience illness sometime in their life. This society wants to push anything it doesn't like aside or eradicate it. That is a false idea. There is no aside. A culture of genocide cannot live. War is not a solution. The way we think about one thing can be the way we think about everything, and I see that we approach everything as war and killing. Business, medicine, education, family, the war is everywhere and the war is within. So every single moment that you change. Every single step you take with compassion, matters. 

When all these roads and identities are sorted. When dreams and reality merge into one. When time stands still and silent without explanation. The condition remains, however, we are forever changed. 

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