December p̶r̶o̶l̶o̶ ̶ADVENT CALENDAR


First of all: I have meds again!  Like, ones that work.  I literally picked them up on the afternoon of the 30th.

And I feel amazing.  Well, except that I slept badly last night and now have a headache.

But after weeks of struggling to do anything, yesterday I sat down and I made that Doom text generator, from scratch, in a day!  And that was cool as hell.  Had an idea, did it, released it, done.



Here is my idea.  Which I had on the night of the 30th.

I am going to make and release one thing every day until Christmas.

The goal is severalfold:

ⓐ I miss making stuff, and I want to make a lot of stuff.  It's easy to get sucked into working on a thing for a long time and fiddling with it endlessly and never being satisfied.  I sure as hell have been doing that with fox flux.  This should kick me out of that vortex, and make up for a hell of a lot of lost time.

ⓑ It's incredibly satisfying to sit down, work for a few hours, and be done.  To see how much I can actually do in a day, polish and all.

ⓒ I make stuff for me, not for everyone else's entertainment.  I mean, it's nice if the stuff I make also makes other folks happy, but the reason I do it is for me.  I've sort of forgotten that this past year, and I think a bit of a frantic scramble will help me remember.

(In the spirit of that last bullet point, I'm also officially dropping the dev log for the time being — it became yet another source of entirely self-imposed stress, fearing I'm not "doing enough" to "fill a post" or whatever the fuck.)

To be clear, I absolutely do not have 25 ideas already in mind.  I thought of this a couple hours before I went to bed, and the Doom text generator yesterday was a proof of concept.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do, aside from a couple days' worth of thoughts I've had so far.  I might run out of steam/ideas a week in!

But I also might not, and that's an exciting prospect.

The link leads to a little calendar, which I'll be updating every day!  Feel free to keep an eye on it.  Feel free to try doing this yourself, too.  Or don't!  I just feel like this is important for me.

Unlike most prologues, this post is public, but I'll do little Patreon perks when I can (like only giving today's crossword solution to patrons).  Thanks for your patience, as always.  I think I might finally be back, and I intend to prove it this month.

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