Studying the effects of Operating Systems on happiness

A thought struck me recently: How do the computer Operating Systems we utilize every day... impact our happiness?

Not productivity.  Happiness.

I've been working on an article about exactly that and, as part of that work, I've put together a short survey to help get some real data behind it.  You can take that survey here:

The survey is anonymous (you don't need to be logged into any account to take it).  The information is not being used by marketing or anything like that -- no personally identifiable information of any kind.  Strictly for use in studying the topic at hand.

At the time of this writing, there have been roughly 1,000 people that have taken the survey -- which is great.  Provides a good base sample size.  But more is always better.  If you've got 2 minutes (it's short), taking the survey would be extremely helpful.  If, after you've taken the survey, you have 1 additional minute free -- I wouldn't object to your helping to spread the word about it.

Post it to social media.  Send it to a friend.  Drop it in a forum post.  The more responses we get, from as wide a range of computer users as possible, the more interesting and valuable the results will be.

Thanks for helping out!  Once enough results are in, I will pull the data together and get it published for everyone.


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