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Dec 3, 2019

Per request from Julia Paradox, here's for you the full Brno Gathering. LovexxxJanine

0:00 Intro Chris

2:36 Can you explain how you stop your depression, bad feelings and thoughts? Do you do yoga, meditate, take pills, psychotherapy or do you think it’s just better to live in the USA? I have positive things and people in my life but I feel best when I’m far away in the US or Canada.

18:50 What was the rock bottom experience that made you ask for professional help?

26:20 When you were sad or anxious, could you make music? Some people say I have to be down to make something good. I am an artist and when I am down I find it very hard to create.

32:25 I work at an NGO in Prague. We are the largest initiative of corporate social responsibility in Czech Republic. Ww are working closely with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. These go9als have the power to end poverty and hunger, fight inequality or stop climate change. One of the goals is focussed on good health and wellbeing, with the motto: “Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all, at all ages.” One of the targets of this goal aims to solve mental health as well: “By 2030, reduce by one third the premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases (i.e. non-contagious, like Alzheimer’s, cancer, mental health etc.) through prevention and treatment, and promote mental health and wellbeing”. My question is, what do you think has to happen in order for this goal to become a reality by 2030?

40:42 What is your favorite song of your whole back catalogue?

43:55 Is there a book that you read that really changed your life?

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