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Createful Art Membership gives you the BEST DEAL to learn art, relax, and have fun painting! Your monthly membership includes:

  • Four (4) downloadable acrylic painting workshops (a $32 value!) 

  • Workshops for each painting project include: 

    • Project inspiration

    • List of colors and how to mix them

    • Supply list

    • Full step-by-step video tutorial

    • Reference photo

    • Traceable

    • Full step-by-step written instruction

    • Project discussion

    (Workshops are delivered as downloadable pdf files and must be downloaded by the end of the calendar month they are made available to you as a member as access goes away after the last day of the month.)

  • Access to the Createful Art Acrylic Painting Course Instant access to 100+ art lessons organized & in sequential order to take you from a beginner to a professional artist. (a $200 value!)

  • Access to select full, real-time, or longer video tutorials and lessons to help you paint right along with me. They are organized for you on my site (Does not include downloadable pdf painting workshops.)

  • Patron-exclusive Events, Contests, and Polls

  • Access to the Createful Art Community on Patreon to share art, get feedback, find inspiration, and ask questions.

  • 20% discount code to use in the Createful Art shop if you want previous art lesson plans.

  • Video tutorials & lessons - Facebook Group
  • Live Q&As - Facebook
  • Complete post archive
  • Exclusive voting power
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital) - Acrylic e-book
  • Exclusive content
  • Digital downloads
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