Global Strategy Maps (Ongoing)

Last Updated December 10, 2019

The following world maps show simulated information that might be used in a global strategy like that discussed in the Simulated News blog.  They are estimates of values at the national level rather than the ecosystem level used in the fictional strategy, and are based on historical and projected data for 202 nations between the years 2017-2019.

Nation Phases

Each nation's phase (activity type) is estimated based on the correlation between per-capita GDP, and adjusted to account for all resources.

Initial Population

The initial populations of nations are shown below in ranges of factors of ten. The global population (P), per-capita consumption (C), and phase are also shown.

The relationship of world cumulative population to phase is shown below, and displayed along with estimated values for nations (National Populations).

Cumulative global consumption of ecological resources and the cumulative total amount of resources (Capacity) for each phase are also shown. Cumulative consumption is displayed as a fraction of maximum capacity.

Consumption and Capacity

The ecological resources available to each nation (capacity) is shown below.

The amount of resources consumed by each nation is shown below.

Ideal Population

Ideally, each nation's consumption will be 1/5 of its capacity and (as a result) per-capita consumption and phase will be the same as every other nation. The following map shows the national populations where the global population hasn't changed.

If C is different from the ideal, then the population must change to compensate as shown in the animation below.

Note that C=1 is the minimum required to meet needs, and would allow for a higher population; the difference between that population and the starting population is the amount of resources that can be used to meet wants and maintain the preferred ratio of consumption to capacity. Also, for C above 1.5, the maximum population per nation drops below 1 billion (1 E+09).

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