DARLENE by simstrouble

I made this hair a YEAR ago, oof! I totally remade it from zero, even made a headband from scratch because EA’s meshes be like 🤪 that sometimes and I wanted to try! I loved it, I’ll make more in the future. Please redownload, the old one was *wacked*, it’s better now ✌🏼

  • Base Game Compatible,
  • 2 Versions + 60 swatches heandband overlay found in hat 
  • 10k poly; Used 2 EA’s Meshes and Headband is made by me 🥰
  • EA 18 Swatches; fixed black and white
  • All LODs, NOT Hat Compatible, All Maps

UPDATED 3th November 2020: Totally remade the hairstyles and headband, please redownload! 💖

UPDATED 08th November 2020: Fixed black swatches + fixed V2 specular maps.