DunGen for Discord

DunGen for Discord works in pretty much the same way as the web version, but using commands to tell it what you want. Using it is easy, in any discord server where the bot is present you can type the following commands:

!dungen help   - will show useful information about the bot.
!dungen map    -  will generate a random dungeon.
!dungen map <size> <seed> <theme>   - will generate a dungeon based on the optional size, seed and theme (same seeds will produce the same dungeon).
!dungen hq [size] [seed] <theme>   - will generate a super high resolution dungeon (140px tile size) based on the required size and seed and optional theme (defaults to the original one); reserved for Dungeon Architects who want the finest details at the closest zoom levels.

For example: !dungen hq huge 32165487 gray

Sizes available: mini, tiny, small, medium, large, huge
Themes available: original, ice, gray, white, virtual

More options will become available as development progresses. If you want to be in the front lines and test new features before they become public, you can join us as they are first tested in  DunGen's Discord.

How do I add DunGen to my discord server?

Simple. Just  click here and authorize it. It only requires basic permissions.
If you only want it to work in specific channels, make sure to remove its read permission in the channels where you don't want it to be active. 

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