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I had to check my CV to see what I published this year because honestly, I don't remember. Other than my Sandman "House of Whispers" comics, of course. They've taken up the bulk of my writing time and energy, and I'm very proud of them.

My CV confirms that it's been a mostly "House of Whispers" year:

** Comics, individual issues: 6 through 15 of “House of Whispers,” DC Publishing, USA. Domo Stanton (artist, interior pages), Deron Bennet (letterer), Zac Atkinson (colorist), Dan Watters (co-writer, issues 6 through 14, story collaborator, issue 15).

** Graphic novel: House of Whispers: The Powers, Divided (collects issues 1 through 6 of "House of Whispers;") Vertigo Publishing, USA. Issues 5 & 6 co-written with Dan Watters.

** Short story "Repatriation," in XPrize anthology "Current Futures," an online collection of original short stories and artwork created by science fiction authors and artists set in a future when technology has helped unlock the secrets of the ocean. Released concurrently with grants to teams of scientists proposing unmanned devices to map the ocean floor.

On the "other" side of things, I wrote the introductory essay for the 30th anniversary re-release of Neil Gaiman's novel Anansi Boys, and the foreword for Letters From Amherst; Five Narrative Letters by Samuel R. Delany.

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